Enjoy Snorkelling In The World’s Largest Freshwater Cichlid Aquarium In Dubai

Enjoy Snorkelling In The World’s Largest Freshwater Cichlid Aquarium In Dubai

Love snorkelling? Well, you would be happy knowing that the world’s largest freshwater cichlid aquarium has come to Dubai. And not only that, you can even snorkel in their Rainbow River, enjoying fascinating creatures and a lot more.

The Green Planet, Dubai’s indoor tropical rainforest, proudly presents its latest attraction: Rainbow River. As the world’s largest freshwater cichlid aquarium, Rainbow River is now open for exploration at the City Walk spot. Immerse yourself in this mesmerising ecosystem, home to over 2,000 vibrant African Cichlid fish from more than 30 species.

African Cichlid fish are renowned as the most diverse fish species on Earth, displaying an array of colours and sizes. These remarkable creatures can even change colour over time and have a life expectancy of up to 15 years. With 1,350 cichlid species found worldwide, they play a vital role in maintaining the balance of freshwater ecosystems. They help control algae growth and serve as a source of food for various other aquatic beings.

For those eager to witness the vibrant shoals up close, an extraordinary snorkelling experience with the cichlids is available. Swim alongside these magnificent fish and even have the opportunity to feed them. The snorkelling experience, including fish feeding, is priced at AED 230 per person.

If you’re planning to visit this weekend, don’t miss out on the complimentary daily educational talks hosted by The Green Planet’s expert biologists, available until June 25. You can also enjoy free face painting as part of the experience.

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