Is Christmas Day A Public Holiday In Dubai?

Is Christmas Day A Public Holiday In Dubai?

Public holidays of the year are almost over (we have only four more dates left), and you maybe wondering if UAE residents get time off around Christmas. We have all the information you need.

Although some employers give their workers December 25 off, Christmas is not an official public or private holiday in the UAE.

Christmas Day (December 25) falls on a Monday this year, meaning it will officially be a business day in the UAE. Luckily, Christmas Eve will take place on Sunday and, as it’s the weekend, UAE residents will not be required to work.

Islam is the official religion of the UAE and Muslim holidays are celebrated throughout the country with public holidays.

As Christmas is a Christian holiday, employers aren’t required to give staff the day off. It’s best to check with your employer if you must work. If so, you could always request to have the day off by using your leave (who doesn’t love holidays, right?).

When it comes to Boxing Day (Tuesday December 26), you will need to use annual leave if you want to extend your break.

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