The UAE Could Be Getting Electric Seaplanes That Land On Water

The UAE Could Be Getting Electric Seaplanes That Land On Water

From staycationing at desert escapes to visiting islands, the UAE has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors.

And this time, the UAE could be getting electric seaplanes is exciting.

Cutting travel time between the Emirates and making travel within the country faster, seaplanes leave zero emissions and are environmentally friendly.

According to the Khaleej Times, UAE seaplanes could arrive in 2028, as Swiss electric seaplane company Jekta signed a letter of intent with a Dubai company.

What exactly is a seaplane? It’s essentially a flying boat that lands on water, and those produced by Jekta will seat 19 people.

Jane Stanbury, Head of Communications of Jetka, told Khaleej Times, “It is like an experiential travel. You could put kayaks or could put scuba gear. Imagine you take off from Dubai, you go to the sea, you dive where you land, get back on board, and you fly back to Dubai. So, it’s a very flexible, multifunctional, and multi-service operational vehicle.”

Seaplanes aren’t the only new transport methods coming to Dubai.

You can now see driverless taxis on the road. The self-driving vehicles in the test stage are out on the streets in the Jumeirah 1 area.

At this stage, no passengers are allowed in, and a safety driver has to remain behind the wheel – but we can expect to see them rolled out soon if the tests go well.

The final plan is to see 4,000 driverless taxis on Dubai’s roads by 2030.

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