RTA Has Changed A Dubai Metro Station’s Name

Al Safa Metro Station name has been changed, so don’t get confused the next time you visit.

As part of a rebranding, the name of the station is now ONPASSIVE Metro Station and this will be the name of the station for the next ten years.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority have shared that the Red Line Metro Station’s new moniker is the name of a tech company that now has the rights to the station name.

As for the changes, the renaming process has begun and will last until March as lots of changes are needed (such as signage, smart systems, apps and audio announcements that play on board to alert passengers that the stop is approaching).

ONPASSIVE Metro Station is on Sheikh Zayed Road and serves Al Quoz and surrounding areas.

The new name is the station’s third name as it was originally Noor Bank when it opened in May 2010 and then ten years later it was changed to Al Safa.

Dubai Metro Station names often change with other stations switching up their titles over the years.

Nakheel Station was renamed to Al Khail in November 2020, August 2021 saw Al Rashidiya become Centrepoint and Dubai Marina Station became Sobha Realty in 2021 too.

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