Keep These Dubai Taxi Rules In Your Mind For A Safe and Even Free Ride

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority prioritizes its passengers’ safety and well-being. And the next time you commute through a Dubai taxi, make sure to remember these three rules which if broken mean you don’t need to pay the fare.

 If the meter is not operated by the driver, or the driver refuses to use the card machine when you try to pay, or the credit card machine isn’t working when you use an RTA taxi then you don’t have to pay your taxi fee.

Put in place to ensure passengers are looked after, the RTA has implemented the rules to make sure that those using local taxis know their rights.

The three rules are displayed on stickers applied to the windows of RTA vehicles, too.

Earlier this year, the RTA announced that the city is planning to reduce the number of taxis hailed down on the roads with a new focus on e-hailing services.

Last year, 30 percent of taxi rides in the city were booked via e-hailing but the goal is for this to jump up to 80 percent.

There are plans for designated zones for e-hail services and parking spaces for both street-hail taxis and e-hail vehicles.

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