Awesome Crocodile Park Opening In Dubai On April 18

Crocodiles are truly fascinating reptiles and Dubai is ready to welcome visitors to its new Dubai Crocodile Park opening its doors on April 18, 2023.

Located near Mushrif Park, this new attraction will be home to 250 Nile Crocodiles. Yes, you read it right, there will be 250 of them! It includes crocodiles of all ages, from giant adults to tiny babies. There is no way you or your toddler can finish counting all of them while you are there in a single day!

It’s a never before seen wildlife conservation facility in the whole of the Middle East. Most conservation facilities give a sneak peek of the wildlife residing there, but Dubai Crocodile Park is designed to give a comprehensive look into the life of crocodiles.

The management has made sure that the safety of the humans there is taken care of in the best possible way with the highest safety standards being implemented. And the safety also extends to the crocodiles residing in the facility. The park, spanning over 20,000 square meters, has been meticulously designed to prioritize the comfort of its inhabitants, the crocs! It creates an ideal environment with year-round climate control, ensuring optimal conditions for the well-being of each crocodile present there.

One of the key areas in which Dubai Crocodile Park excels is the unbeatable education it can impart to your kids. The best way to learn about anything is to experience it first hand and this place is sure to do it in the most thrilling way! It’s definitely a core memory worth experiencing and something your kids will truly appreciate for a long time.

Prices: The ticket prices are expected to be AED 95 for adults and AED 75 for children between 3 and 12 years

Where To Buy: The tickets for Dubai Crocodile Park can be bought at the park entrance.

Timings: 10am to 10pm (everyday)

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