Dubai British School To Open Its Third Branch

Dubai British School To Open Its Third Branch


Saying that Dubai British School is growing wouldn’t be wrong as it is about to open its third branch in Jumeirah.

Its other two branches are located in Emirates Hills and Jumeirah Park. The opening date for the new school, for students aged between three and 18 years old, is planned to be around August 2024.

Earlier this month, The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) updated its website to reveal new dates for Dubai’s schools’ summer holidays.

Previously, the summer term was set to end on Wednesday June 28. But, due to the predicted dates for Eid al Adha and Arafat Day, Dubai schools could now close on Monday June 26. The KHDA’s academic calendar for 2023 is now set to end on Monday June 26, before the public holidays.

Schools in Dubai are rated according to certain performance standards from the effectiveness of the school and learning environment to student achievements and includes assessment of school leadership, student attitude and more.

There are four categories that schools can be awarded; outstanding, very good, acceptable and weak. Each year, the KHDA shares the results of each school to help parents decide on where to send their kids.

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