Here Is How DXB Facilitates Travel For Thousands Of Passengers Daily

Here Is How DXB Facilitates Travel For Thousands Of Passengers Daily

Millions of passengers travel to, from, and through Dubai every year. DXB was named the busiest airport in the world for the ninth consecutive year in 2022. The first quarter of 2023 even saw passenger traffic at DXB cross 21.2 million.

Dubai International Airport has multiple systems and services in place to make travel seamless and comfortable for passengers. A video released by DXB details the measures being taken to ease travel.

Dubai International Airport has opened up more counters to allow for speedier check-ins and to minimise queueing. There are also city check-ins for multiple airlines, where passengers can not only check-in 24 hours before their flight, but can also drop off their bags – making the process of journeying through the airport that much simpler and hassle-free.

As an official in the video says, “[DXB] have challenged ourselves to get you through security in five minutes – or less.” Another official says that passengers’ security is given the utmost importance, along with making more efficient ways to travel.

The Smart Gates at DXB use the latest biometric technology — a mix of facial and iris recognition — to allow passengers to breeze through passport control without taking out any identification documents.

There are over 325 retail, lounging, and dining outlets at Dubai International Airport. The hub also offers free WiFi, on which you can get access to OSN content. Long layovers and transits are made easy with access to lounge chairs, massages, and even spa facilities.

Dubai To Have Largest Airport In The World

The Al Maktoum International Airport aims to be the largest airport in the world by 2050, seeing a passenger traffic of about 255 million a year. It opened its doors for cargo traffic in 2010 and started passenger flights in 2013.

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