Emirates Opens Routes To 28 African Destinations In Exclusive Deal

Emirates Opens Routes To 28 African Destinations In Exclusive Deal

Planning summer trip as Eid Al Adha holidays are coming up? Well, Emirates has just unlocked new travel routes for people traveling from Dubai.

 Due to an agreement between the Dubai-based airline and Kenya Airways, jet setters can now fly to 28 new destinations.

The pair formed a partnership this week, allowing customers of both airlines access to new destinations on the two networks within a single itinerary.

So, Emirates customers can fly to 28 destinations on Kenya Airways including Nampula, Bangui, Bujumbara, Kigali, Dzaoudzi, Lubumbashi, Kinshasa, Kilimanjaro, Juba, Zanzibar, among many other regional points across Africa.

It works by Emirates flyers being able to use Nairobi as the gateway to these destinations. Additionally, Emirates passengers travelling via Dubai can also book a single ticket itinerary to or from Mombasa.

Similarly, Kenya Airways passengers travelling from Nairobi and Mombasa will now be able to access the Emirates’ network and connect through Dubai to 23 destinations across West and South Asia, the Far East, the Indian Ocean and Middle East such as Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Ahmedabad, Beirut, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Seoul among others.

Tickets are available to purchase now on the Emirates website, via online travel agents (OTAs) as well as through major travel agencies.

Emirates began operations to Kenya with the launch of flights between Nairobi and Dubai in 1995. Now, there are 14 weekly flights and Emirates is also the only airline serving Kenya with private, enclosed First Class cabins.

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