Emirates Announces New Policies To Save Time And Earn Points

Emirates Announces New Policies To Save Time And Earn Points

The airline has recently released some new policies that could help you save time when flying. From new robots to check-in points in the middle of the city, you should familiarise yourself with the updates and utilise them to save yourself time. Make your DXB Airport experience as seamless as possible by following these Emirates check-in hacks.

Check-In Online Before You Arrive

In May, Emirates went paperless meaning passengers are required to use their mobile phone to receive their boarding pass. Instead of queueing up at the desk to get your boarding pass sent to you, check in online beforehand and you’ll arrive at the Terminal and you’ll be ready to drop off your bags and get to security.

Drop Your Bags Off Before And Earn Points

There are a couple of places you can drop your luggage off before you arrive at the airport? Up to 24 hours before your flight takes off, head to ICD Brookfield Place in the DIFC or the dedicated facility in Ajman and check in your luggage.

From now until August 15, if you check in at the Emirates City Check-in in DIFC you can earn Emirates Tier Miles. Yep, all you need to do is check-in for your flight at this location and you will earn either 5,000 bonus points (if you’re a Blue or Silver member), 10,000 (if you’re a Gold member) or a huge 30,000 if you’re a Platinum member.

Reserve Your Car Park Space

Though not technically just an Emirates check-in hack, if you’re flying from Dubai International Airport can reserve their car parking space before they arrive at the airport. Not only does it ensure you get the space you want, but it also means you won’t waste time driving around trying to find your perfect spot.

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