An Electric Scooter Race Is Coming To Dubai

An Electric Scooter Race Is Coming To Dubai

Winter season is just around the corner and that means a season of sport is on its way to Dubai.

Golf, sailing, marathon running and more has already been confirmed – and now we can look forward to something completely new.

Having said that, an electric scooter race is coming to the UAE for the first time ever. So hold onto your helmets and make sure you’ve got Saturday December 16 in your diary for the big event.

The Dubai Electric Scooter Cup will unite some of the best riders in the world and take place on the city’s streets.

It has been announced by the Federation for Micromobility and Sport, in partnership with the Dubai Sports Council.

Celebrating sustainability, new mobility, safety and inclusivity, 16 top male and female riders will compete together in a knockout-style race at speeds of more than 100kmph for the title of the first Electric Scooter Cup Champion.

As for the equipment, the RS-Zero DXB edition is the fastest electric race scooter in the world – with a top speed of more than 140kmph.

Alex Wurz, President, Federation for Micromobility and Sport, said: “I’m thrilled to make this important step in a city that is striving for new mobility solutions. This unique event will showcase the potential for micromobility – racing in close proximity with uncompromised safety principles through the cities of the future.

“This is a landmark agreement for the Federation with Dubai Sports Council and points to an exciting future.”

Tickets TBC. Sat Dec 16.

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