Witness A Rare Alignment Of Planets This Week In Dubai

Fond of stargazing? Well, it is the time to unleash your inner stargazer.

Dubai is soon going to experience what’s known as a great conjunction between Saturn and Venus on Saturday.

This will be for an hour-and-a-half after sunset.

Not only that, the planets will appear close enough together in the sky to be seen with the naked eye if clouds are absent.

Venus is expected to outshine Saturn – and it will get even brighter as it continues to climb into the post-sunset sky.

The planet named after the goddess of love will become an “evening star” while Saturn will appear a dull yellow.

A conjunction takes place when two planets appear on the same ecliptic longitude, as measured from Earth.

According to “These two planets, plus a crescent moon, will be putting on an ever-changing display in the dusk during this weekend on into the start of next week.

“The planets will sink lower as the twilight deepens.”

It comes as a comet, named Comet C/2022 E3, will be visible on Saturday February 4.

As for how to see the rare comet, which will be the closest it has been to the Sun since the last ice age, it will be possible from Dubai but you’ll need some kit.

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