UAE Weather: Ministry Issues Alert, Rain Expected Today

Today, Friday 6, will be partly cloudy over some areas with a chance of rainfall, the National Centre of Meteorology has said.

Moreover, residents will witness rainfall of different intensities especially over the northern, coastal, and eastern areas, along with a decrease in temperatures.

The Ministry of Interior issued an alert late last night, warning residents to stay alert and avoid driving at high speeds. The alert said:

“Weather Alert: Due to the possibility of the exposure of several areas in the country to fluctuations in weather conditions please take care while driving and avoid valleys and places where water flows.”

Moderate to fresh winds will blow, strong at times with clouds.

Temperatures could be as high as 28ºC in the country. Mercury is set to rise to 26ºC in Abu Dhabi and 25ºC in Dubai.

But temperatures could be as low as 20ºC in Dubai and 18ºC in Abu Dhabi and 8ºC in mountainous regions.

Humidity levels will range from 30 to 70 per cent in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Conditions at sea will moderate to rough at times with cloud activity in the Arabian Gulf and moderate in the Oman sea.

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