UAE Weather: Chance Of Fog Over Coastal Areas; Light Winds Blow

UAE Weather: Chance Of Fog Over Coastal Areas; Light Winds Blow

According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), the UAE weather will be fair in general and partly cloudy at times. It will be humid by night and Friday morning, with a chance of fog or mist forming over some coastal and internal areas.

Temperatures are set to reach 41°C in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The emirates will see lows of 29°C and 31°C respectively. Light to moderate winds will blow, and the sea will be slight in the Arabian Gulf and in the Oman Sea.

Days will soon become shorter and nights longer as autumn begins in the UAE. According to an astronomer, days and nights will be of equal length on two dates – October 2 and 3.

The September equinox — also known as the autumnal equinox — took place on September 23, which is when, technically, the day and night were to be of equal length. “However, this is only in theory. Depending on the location, the actual date is about seven to 10 days after the September equinox,” Mohammad Shawkat Odeh, director of the Abu Dhabi-based International Astronomy Centre, told Khaleej Times.

According to the expert, the weather in the UAE will gradually start getting cooler. The summer season in the Gulf region is generally long, he added. The current period is one of transition to winter.

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