UAE Petrol Prices To Change Next Week

UAE Petrol Prices To Change Next Week

UAE petrol and diesel prices will change in May.

Just like every month, the country’s fuel price committee will meet to set the rate for the month of May.

Prices tend to fluctuate in line with global trends.

And, given that the price of Brent futures and US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude has been relatively steady over the past month, little change is expected.

The current rate, set by the committee in March, is as follows:

  • Super 98 petrol: Dhs3.01.
  • Special 95 petrol: Dhs2.90.
  • E-Plus 91 petrol: Dhs2.82.
  • Diesel: Dhs3.03.

In 2022, UAE petrol prices went above Dhs4 for the first time in June. And they reached an all-time high in July, with Super 98 costing Dhs4.63 per litre.

Prices then fell for three consecutive months in August, September and October. Then a November hike was followed by a further reduction in December.

Fuel prices in the country were liberalised in 2015, with local rates being aligned with global oil prices.

For the past seven years, the fuel price committee has met on a monthly basis to announce revised rates.

The government hopes the measure will encourage more residents to use public transport while also incentivizing the use of alternative fuels.

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