Traveling To Or From The UAE? Declaring Your Valuables Become Easier

When traveling, convenience is the top priority of everyone.

That’s why travellers are always checking their bags and hoping to have everything in its right place. And if you are traveling to or from Dubai, then passport is not an issue anymore as the Dubai International Airport is planning to have passport-free procedure.

But it’s not just the rollout of smart gates making life more convenient, a new system has been set up to make declaring valuables a piece of cake.

A new electronic system, called Afseh, will make disclosing cash amounts and cash equivalents on your traveller possessions easy to document in just a few minutes.

You can do this from anywhere in the world and it can be done before and during your commute.

It comes as the UAE’s Federal Authority Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) has called on all travellers to and from the UAE to disclose their cash and valuable possessions.

This is in case they exceed the limit of Dhs60,000. The move is aimed to make your travel experience safer and more secure.

It does not include any new taxes or fees. The hope is that the new technology will also speed up the customs process and help the UAE deliver the highest standards of quality when it comes to international financial services.

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