Sheikh Hamdan Helps A Lady Smile For Photo After An Emotional Encounter

Sheikh Hamdan Helps A Lady Smile For Photo After An Emotional Encounter

Just imagine you meet Sheikh Hamdan on a street in London. For one young lady named Mizneh, it was hard to hold back the tears.

The heartwarming video captures the wholesome reaction of the young lady, who is so overwhelmed at meeting the Crown Prince of Dubai, that she can barely smile for a photo with him.

Known for his charm and down-to-earth demeanour, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum handled the emotionally-charged situation like a pro – telling the cameraperson not to worry and promising that the young fan, who was half-sobbing, would smile “now”.

Covering her eyes with his hand, he begins counting, reminding her to smile when he finishes counting to three. When he finally takes away his hand and looks at her, a bright smile adorns her face. Sheikh Hamdan then lightly pats her in appreciation. Watch the sweet video here:

The royal also seems to demonstrate an excellent memory, telling her he recalls meeting her when she was a child. Sheikh Hamdan reassured her and told her that he remembers taking pictures with her when she was young, and the woman wipes away yet another tear, moved by his warmth.

Last year too, a video of the Crown Prince went viral after he stopped to take photos with Dubai residents in London. An avid Instagrammer himself, he helped the woman take a picture with him after she was struggling to snap a picture. When another resident apologised for taking up the royal’s time, he politely assured them that it wasn’t a problem and snapped a selfie with them.

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