‘Rent Now, Pay Later’ Available To Tenants With Credit Cards In Dubai

‘Rent Now, Pay Later’ Available To Tenants With Credit Cards In Dubai


A new payment scheme has been introduced to help tenants pay their rents without any hassle.

Traditionally, rent in Dubai has been paid with post-dated cheques (usually between one and six, depending on your landlord) over a 12-month period.

While the system is ideal for tenants who live within their means, it’s not always as comfortable if you’re new to the country or want to push yourself to live in a property that costs more.

But there’s now an alternative. Digital real estate investment management start-up, Keyper is launching a ‘rent now, pay later’ scheme, meaning you can pay your rent monthly with your credit card.

The company’s new RNPL platform will allow you to pay your rent in 12 monthly payments over the course of a year.

Although it will cost you more when the year’s up, but it could be an option if you want to be more flexible with your payment structure.

When signing a lease or renewing your tenancy contract, Keyper will pay your landlord upfront. You will then pay them back each month using your credit card, earning points as you do. All payments can be made through the Keyper app, which also allows you to track your payments and set reminders for when your payment is due.

Keyper makes a return on your payments, which will be worked out by the team when you sign up for the 12-month deal, meaning the final amount you pay will be higher.

On the brighter side, you won’t be faced with large sums of money going out of your account all at once.

Keyper will also negotiate the agreement with your landlord and sign the lease with you. The new scheme is set to be rolled out in July, but you can currently register your interest on the Keyper website.

This scheme comes after the Dubai Land Department announced that Dubai rent can now be paid by direct debit (instead of cheques). Only applicable if your landlord agrees, your rent will be automatically deposited into their account on the day it’s due.

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