Orient Express-Style Train Planned For Etihad Railway

Orient Express-Style Train Planned For Etihad Railway


When it comes to luxurious lifestyle, UAE is the country that must pop in everyone’s head.

And this time, it’s all about the revolutionary Etihad Rail.

There are plans in the works for the highly-anticipated Etihad Railway, which is already fully functional for freight, to have its own Orient Express-style automobile to ferry passengers across the UAE.

Planned to be the height of sophistication, Etihad Rail has signed a contract with Italian luxury hospitality company Arsenale to head up the project.

Sharing details on what is in the works, Etihad Rail has revealed that the posh passenger travel experience will be a unique world-class offering.

Sure to make it on many bucket lists, it is hoped that the automobile will boost the UAE’s tourism sector.

An Etihad Rail statement reads: “Our collaboration with Arsenale is a testament to Etihad Rail’s commitment to drive economic and social growth in the UAE through the National Rail Network. By establishing a luxury train experience, we are introducing a unique world-class offering to the region and contributing to boosting the tourism sector in the UAE. Furthermore, we will be able to showcase the country’s diverse heritage and beauty to visitors from around the world.”

Details of the train and what exactly will be available to passengers and the ticket price (which we predict will be hefty) are yet to be revealed.

One thing for sure, with Etihad Rail spanning 1,200km, connecting Saudi Arabia to the UAE and Oman, it will be one scenic route. Want to see where exactly? Click here for the full route map.

You’ve probably heard about the Orient Express (which is often immortalised in cinema, TV and books).

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