FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup: No Entry Tickets Needed After the Group Stages

Good news for all footballs fans!

FIFA World Cup officials have announced that travelers will not require entry tickets to enter the games after the group stages.

International visitors can enjoy watching the live games without any entry tickets from December 2. Qatar Government relaxed its limitations on international fans, indeed, a special treatment!

However, travelers will need to apply for the Hayya card to enter Doha.

Are you wondering what a Hayya card is? Well, it’s your entry permit to Qatar, free access to the bus and Metro, and stadium access. Basically, it’s a must-have when traveling to Qatar.

You may enter the stadium without an entry ticket, but not without a Hayya card.

So, if you are making plans to travel to Qatar but don’t have a Hayya card, apply for a digital Hayya card now to have a hassle-free and memorable time in Qatar.

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