Expo City Dubai: Grandest Parade For Chinese New Year Announced After 2-year Hiatus

The Chinese New Year is just around the corner and Dubai’s “Happy Chinese New Year” grand parade is all prepared to be back in the UAE after the two-year long pandemic triggered interruption.

A vast majority of Chinese expats in Dubai are looking forward to the return of this year’s Grand Parade which will see the participation of over 2,500 people at Expo City Dubai on January 14, from 4pm onwards.

Before the pandemic, the grand parade had been successfully held in City Walk three times. In fact, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has even witnessed the attendance two times.

Co-hosted by China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai, and the Executive Committee of “Hala China”, Chinese Consul-General Li Xuhang, highlighted, “I would also like to share with you that compared to the previous three parades, this year’s event will create ‘five firsts’ – for the first time, floats will join the parade, and their number will come near 20; second, for the first time, there will be Chinese enterprises joining the parade; third, for the first time, there will be a Chinese New Year Temple fair to fully showcase traditional Chinese culture; fourth, for the first time, there will be displays of Chinese high-tech products; fifth, for the first time, Emirate companies will join the parade, including the EMAAR Group.”

Chinese expats taking out a parade at City Walk to mark the Chinese New Year in Dubai in 2019

Heading into the Year of the Rabbit, over 300,000 Chinese expatriates are looking to celebrate the occasion that falls on Sunday, January 22.

Extending his invitation to everyone, to be a part of this extravaganza, Xuhang also highlighted that as a regional economic highland, Dubai continues to be one of the most popular destination for Chinese companies.

He opined, “Not long ago, I attended the 13th China (UAE) Trade Fair, where many Chinese companies reached out to do business and achieved a series of fruitful cooperation agreements with UAE companies. It is safe to say that the strong momentum of China’s economic recovery will soon be felt by the world, which will be followed by a boom in Chinese people traveling abroad, and Dubai, as a famous tourist destination, will soon see the spectacular return of Chinese tourists. The 2023 ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ Grand Parade will be a great opportunity for the revival of cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and the UAE.”

The event will showcase China’s culture in its best manner, and advance cultural exchange between China and other nations at the international stage of Expo City Dubai.

Mohammed Saeed Al Marzouki, Acting CEO, Hala China, avers, “Hala China, closely with participating entities, have been carefully curating the program for the event; trying to find the perfect balance of tradition and contemporary Chinese culture in the varieties of music, dance, food, and other cultural factors – catering to all age groups.”

Sumaya Al Ali, Vice President, Government Partnerships, Expo City Dubai said, “We are honoured that Expo City Dubai has been selected to host the prestigious “Happy Chinese New Year” Grand Parade for the second year in a row. Expo City Dubai builds on the success of the World Expo, in which China played a significant part, and is based on a deep-rooted belief that by working together, we can help create a more sustainable and equitable future for all. Events such as these celebrate our relationship and encourage us to look to the future with hope and optimism as we seek to enhance our cultural, diplomatic and business ties.”

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