Experience House Of Hype In Dubai Mall This Year

Experience House Of Hype In Dubai Mall This Year

A new experience is coming to Dubai Mall this year.

The same team behind AYA (Wafi City Mall) is bringing the House of Hype to Dubai Mall, featuring a number of rooms with brightly lit displays that make effortlessly cool photos.

Designed to allow people to experience the metaverse IRL, the theme park will be opening later this year.

Unlike its sister park AYA (which has an ethereal, psychedelic feel) House of Hype is a celebration of hype culture, with a focus on fashion, games, music and NFTs.

Blockchain and gaming expert Alexander Heller, who is the CEO HyperSpace saw a gap in the market for digital entertainment spaces in malls. He hopes that the neon spaces will close the gap between the metaverse and reality.

A futuristic experience, inside the House of Hype, you’ll be able to see NFTs, play games and shop. Spanning 100,000 sq.ft, the new Dubai Mall park will be bigger than AYA and offer more of a hands-on experience. Visitors can expect to become fully immersed in a digital world.

Expected to open at the end of the year, House of Hype is proving the future is now.

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