EXCLUSIVE: Zomato UAE Will No Longer Be Operating Food Delivery Services

Zomato UAE will cease its food delivery services starting from November 24, announced Zomato on Monday.

Users trying to log into the app will be redirected to Talabat app, it’s up to the user to join Talabat delivery services or not.

Note: Zomato had sold its UAE food delivery services to Talabat in 2019.

A Zomato spokesperson stated,

“With new features like Vibe check and additional offers via Zomato Pay, we have renewed our focus on restaurant discovery and dining out, and as a result, it will no longer be possible to order food in the UAE through our app, from November 24th onwards.

We are proud of and grateful for the talabat-zomato partnership and the role we played in supporting many great local restaurants in growing their online businesses on our platform whilst at the same time delighting customers with their favourite meals, delivered by committed talabat riders.

Customers can continue to order from their preferred restaurants on the talabat app, including many of their Zomato loved brands such as Bikanervala, Puranmal, Filli, Dyar Al Sham, Chicking, Wok Boyz, amongst many others. Restaurant partners can also choose to join talabat to grow their businesses, while offering their customers the delivery experience talabat brings.

We truly value the contribution and commitment each one of them has had towards building Zomato’s food-ordering business. 

As an organisation, we are well-positioned to support our people adequately as they transition in the best way possible for their careers. The severance package extended includes financial and immigration support, outplacement opportunities along with covering the cost of healthcare for our people and their families.”

Zomato UAE employees will get severance packages that will include financial support and healthcare advantages.

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