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Everything You Need To Know About Dubai’s Hatta Honey Festival

On Tuesday, the 7th edition of the Hatta Honey Festival began with 50 Emirati beekeepers participating in the event. It is being held at the city civic body’s Hatta Hall from 9am to 8pm daily, running till December 31.

The purpose is to promote the UAE’s honey production industry as well as improve the economic opportunities for its citizens.

Alia Al Harmoodi, acting CEO of the Environment, Health and Safety Agency at Dubai Municipality, highlighted the significance of the honey production sector in Hatta.

He said, “Dubai Municipality will be providing fast assessment services for honey samples in the festival for exhibitors and visitors by utilising the latest technological innovations and chemical examination devices through the Dubai Central Laboratory. This is consistent with the Municipality’s pledge to guarantee the quality of the honey products and compliance with UAE standards during the festival.”

AlJubooh beeswax, Dh250, Al Sidr Honey, Dh120 and Al Samar Honey, Dh220

The festival serves as a platform to inform visitors about the varieties of honey and the characteristics of each type.

Al Samar Honey, Dh250

The Dubai Central Laboratory’s (DCL) plays a major role in providing multiple tests that include analysis of total sugar, glucose, enzymes, fructose, hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), moisture and acidity.

The laboratory’s tests assess the quality of honey, covering all the variants that are being displayed at the festival.

Flowers Honey, Dh200

A team from the DCL is educating exhibitors and visitors on the significance of the tests they are conducting and how they reflect the quality of honey.

The festival also aims to create awareness on proper production and storage of honey in order for it to retain its characteristics and nutritional benefits.

The event features various segments such as productive families’ market, a honey sample inspection corner, and kids’ play area.

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