Dubai: You Can Now Pay Rent Directly Through Debit Instead Of Cheques

The Dubai Land Department shared a circular this week, stating that rental payments can be made by direct debit.

So, if you are a tenant, you can now pay your rent automatically visa direct debit – with the Noqodi Ejari Direct Debit Service (DDS).

The Direct Debit System (UAEDDS) will provide Dubai tenants with an automated payment method – overseen by the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE).

A DLD statement adds: “Ejari is now fully integrated with noqodi Direct Debit system (UAEDDS) to configure the rent payment schedule during the contract creation or renewal process that will facilitate recurrent payments from their bank accounts.

“This new feature has been designed with our customers in mind, and we believe it will greatly enhance your experience with the service.”

During the process of creating a new contract or renewing an existing one, the system will let you manage your rent payment plan. Additionally, it will make regular payments from your bank account easier.

Given that checks have controlled the way we pay for such a long period, the shift might cause something of a revolution in the Dubai rental market. However, many renters and landlords will probably want to modernise the procedure now that direct debit is a possibility.

The modification comes a year after the DLD and Emirates NBD teamed up to permit residents to pay their rent directly from their bank accounts, as opposed to writing checks.

This was reportedly done at the time to “reduce operations required to manually maintain post-dated checks.”

It implies that the most recent development might be seen as an advancement in the automation of Dubai’s rental market.

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