Dubai to Become Number 1 City in the World to Live In

Dubai has achieved numerous jewels for its crown, and chances are it will be the world’s number 1 city, said a senior official.

“We always aim to be number one at everything we do, and we will not stop until we achieve that number,” Issam Kazim, CEO, Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, said while delivering a welcome address at the Dubai Accessible Travel and Tourism International Summit held at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

He further added, “since November 2021, the Department of Tourism has been merged with the Department of Economy to form one bigger department with a much bigger mandate. So today, we not only want to become the best city to visit and repeat this, but also the number one city to live in.”

Before the pandemic, over 16 million tourists visited the city. According to a survey in April 2022, Dubai’s population surpassed 3.5 million as job-seekers and high-net-worth individuals moved to the city due to its attractions and opportunities.

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