Dubai International Airport Installs Smart Gates: What To Expect?

Traveling to plan to or from Dubai? You will definitely want to check out this handy guide to Dubai Airport smart gets to shave off time spent in queues.

If you are a Emirate ID cardholder or have visa on arrival or biometric passport, you can whizz through passport control at Dubai International Airport. You just need to make your way to the smart gates.

With a total of 112 smart gates across DXB’s terminals 1, 2 and 3, you’re bound to find one to slip quickly through. Here is everything you need to know about smart gates located at one of the world’s busiest airports.

What are smart gates?

Smart gates are an automated self-service border control system. They use facial recognition technology to identify travellers.

Who can use the smart gates at DXB airport?

Three groups of people can use smart gates at DXB airport; UAE Nationals and GCC Nationals, UAE residents and visa-on-arrival guests with biometric passports.

How do I use the smart gates at DXB airport?

It is really simple to use the smart gates at DXB. Get access just by looking into the green light and swiping your Emirates ID card or biometric passport. You must remove glasses, hats and face masks before passing through.

How do smart gates work?

Smart gates match faces to data connected to immigration databases which will know if the traveller is a UAE National, GCC National, UAE resident or a visa-on-arrival guest.

What are the benefits of using smart gates at DXB airport?

The best things about using the smart gates at DXB airport is that you can cut time off your journey, it takes seconds to go through the gates, it is also self-service and does not cost anything to use. There’s also that element of smugness as you look over at the people queuing.

How many smart gates are there at DXB airport?

There are 112 smart gates spread across arrivals and departures at DXB airport.

Who cannot use smart gates at DXB airport?

Families with children, travellers with large strollers, under 15s, those under 1.2 metres tall and people of determination cannot use smart gates at DXB airport. Sorry folks. There are plenty of desks with helpful staff ready and waiting to check your passports though.

Do I need to register to use the smart gates at DXB airport?

All travellers who have recently arrived at DXB airport are likely to have been registered to use the smart gates when entering the immigration touchpoint.

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