Dubai And Abu Dhabi Have Happy Citizens, Says This Survey

Recently, a survey took place with the title of ‘Cities of Choice: Are People Happy Where They Live?’, where Dubai and Abu Dhabi ranked among the world’s top cities.

In the ‘Cities of Choice’ study by US-based Boston Consulting Group, Dubai ranked first in the ‘Social Capital’ dimension, ahead of Washington, Singapore, San Francisco, Guangzhou, Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, Barcelona, and Berlin, among those classified as ‘cruiser weight’ cities that have a population of more than 3 million people but below 10 million people.

Out of 100, Dubai scored 74 ‘indicating that residents have a strong sense of belonging and attachment to their city and they maintain meaningful social relationships.’

‘Social Capital’ measures the strength of social relationships and community involvement within a city. It also covers social connections, inclusivity, equality, identity with culture and history, and safety.

Vladislav Boutenko, a BCG managing director and senior partner, and a co-author of the report, said the report delves into the nuances of how a city works best—or doesn’t. “Relocating is easier now than ever before. The challenge for urban leaders is to determine what makes their residents happy so they can retain current residents and attract new ones,” he underscored.

In addition, Dubai scored high in the ‘Economic Opportunities’ dimension (71 out of 100), “indicating that the city provides a highly conducive environment for businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive.”

Other positive indicators are “opportunities for work, career and earning, equality of income opportunities for business, and availability of personal loans.”

The other dimensions in the survey that was conducted among more than 50,000 people in 79 cities around the world were quality of life, interactions with authorities and speed of change.

Dubai ranked eighth overall in the ‘cruiser weight cities’, after Washington, Singapore, San Francisco, Guangzhou, Madrid, Boston and Seattle.

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