Dubai Airports Has Teamed Up With Dubai Autism Center To Make The Airport More Inclusive

Dubai Airport Has Teamed Up With Dubai Autism Center To Make The Airport More Inclusive

Dubai Airports has signed an agreement with Dubai Autism Center to make airport travel that bit easier for those with autism.

The agreement is in line with the UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021, which aims to make Dubai the world’s leading disability-friendly city.

DXB and Dubai Autism Center have been working together over the past year and DXB received an autism-friendly certificate back in November 2022.

They were awarded this for the steps they took to make the airport experience easier for those with hidden disabilities.

This was done by implementing an autism-friendly route with priority access through check-in and passport control.

The airport also employed specially-trained staff (identified by their sunflower pin) equipped to support people of determination. To make use of this service you will need to get a sunflower lanyard at the following locations:

  • Terminal 3 Departures
  • Terminal 3 Arrivals
  • Terminal 3: Connections
  • Terminal 1 Departures
  • Terminal 1 Arrivals
  • Terminal 2 Departures
  • Terminal 2 Arrivals

Future plans include adding quiet rooms at the airport for passengers to use if they experience sensory overload.

Essa Al Shamsi, SVP of terminal operations at Dubai Airports, said: “Our partnership with the Dubai Autism Center not only demonstrates our efforts to provide an exceptional travel experience for all guests but also underscores our dedication to creating an airport environment where everyone can feel comfortable and supported.”

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