Bollywood Star Joins 10,000 Residents Walk For Sustainability

The Lulu Walkathon was back on Sunday, after three years, with nearly 10,000 people participating in the 2-kilometre walk including Bollywood star, Dino Moria.

The walk was held at Safa Park, Dubai and at Kuwaitat in Al Ain in support of sustainability. Salim MA, Director, Lulu Hypermarket Group said that this was the largest turnout that they had ever had in the walkathons.

Every year they focus on a different theme – previously the walkathons supported causes such as Diabetes and Breast Cancer. In the first one after a 3-year Covid hiatus, this walkathon is in support of the 2023 cause declared by UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan– sustainability.

“Lulu will donate Dh5 for every registered person and the money will be given to the sustainability projects organised by the government,” he said adding that the specific initiatives are yet to be identified.

The Bollywood actor and fitness enthusiast, Dino Moria, also participated in the cause. Salim said “people usually follow public figures and that he is a celebrity who happens to also be a health buff. He walks, runs and a lot of people follow his lifestyle.”

Dino, who came specifically for this event, said that people need to become more aware of all-things-sustainability. “I’m here because first of all it’s always good walk and also, as the UAE President has announced this year to be the year of sustainability, Lulu has taken it upon themselves to encourage the movement and organized this walkathon. People need to be aware of these topics,” Dino said.

“I’m here to promote this cause and to encourage people to walk and be fit. The Lulu group contacted me and since many participants are from the Indian diaspora, I was invited to promote health and fitness and hopefully inspire,” he added.

“A big shout out to Lulu and a bigger one to you for showing up. It’s a walkathon! It’s good to stay fit and be healthy. Keep dancing, keep moving, smile, love you all!” said Dino to the crowds that cheered loudly.

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