Abida Perveen: Sufi Music Queen Will Perform In A Concert In Dubai

There are some voices in this world that have the power to connect the human soul to its Creator and Abida Perveen’s voice is one of them. Indeed, she is the Queen of Sufi Music, creating heart-warming kalaams for years.

The good news is she will be performing at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena on December 9. Talking to a journalist, the legendary musician said that she started listening kalaams and music since the age of three. She started to perform from a young age of six, and the rest is history.

Music, as per Abida, was her calling. “There is a famous saying that what’s meant for you will never miss you. I could not even think of doing anything else apart from music. So, I was destined to find music as it was my calling. I was meant for it from day one; I am extremely grateful to Almighty Allah for giving me what I always wanted and for the respect and love I have received through the years,” Abida told in one of her interviews.

If you are a Sufi Music lover, you shouldn’t miss out on her concert because you are going to love every bit of it. So, grab your pass now, it is just about to happen!

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