Now Order Al Baik On InstaShop In Dubai

Now Order Al Baik On InstaShop In Dubai

Al Baik’s delicious and juicy fried chicken is now available for delivery through InstaShop.

The food chain has set the standard for finger-licking chicken in Saudi Arabia and flew to the top of the flock in the UAE when it first opened its doors in 2021 in Dubai Mall.

Now, Al Baik has 10 stores across the UAE including at Expo City, Mall of The Emirates, 2nd December Street and many more.

You can now enjoy the much-coveted crispy golden chicken (and shrimp), made with a super-secret 18-spice recipe at home or in the office.

Al Baik has 49 years of history in Saudi Arabia, where it’s one of the country’s best homegrown brands.

It has earned die-hard fans due to its 18-spice secret recipe created by founder Shakour AbuGhazalah in Jeddah in 1974.

AbuGhazalah’s sons picked up and continued his legacy, and what you’ll find today is a chain knocking out piece after piece of delicious chicken coated in the secret spice blend.

The brand has successfully grown to have more than 160 branches throughout Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE. It opened its first restaurant in the UAE in 2011 in Dubai Mall.

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