Dubai Now Has A New ‘Waffle Fries’ Dessert Brand

Dubai Now Has A New ‘Waffle Fries’ Dessert Brand

Have a thing for waffles?

Waffries, a dessert brand that has just opened its doors in Mall of the Emirates, offers dippable waffles cut into a French fries shape with a ton of different sauces to dunk them into.

Whether you want breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack in between, there are 12 different types: some savoury and some sweet. Try the OG with bacon and cheddar cheese, or the Asian-inspired option where the batter is made with veggies and spring onion that you can dip into a sweet and spicy sauce. There’s even a zaatar and halloumi-infused waffle option.

For those with a sweet tooth, the other half of the Waffries menu is dedicated to flavours like banana nana with banana filling and a banana toffee dip, double chocolate or healthier alternatives like the nutrient-rich super seeds waffle.

You can also build your own Waffries by choosing the batter, the filling and the dip.

Waffries are made with top ingredients and are prepared daily. The waffles also have a lower sugar content than regular waffles, are made with reduced fat, and have a light and crispy texture.

Waffries cater to vegetarians, so most people will find something they love on the menu.

From Dhs28. Daily from 10am-midnight. Mall of the Emirates @waffries.

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